Faerie Spells Slots

If you would like to be enchanted by the next big hit from Betsoft gaming, then this one is for you! It has wind sky high, artwork intricately deep, and a color scheme and theme that is the best in the genre. It also has bonus rounds that are just as good as being an actual arcade. If you were not into the subject matter, you probably won't be one over by this one. If you are at all open to it, however, and want entire game made of lavish versions of Tinker Bell, you will love gambling away the night in this one!

About the Game

This game combines a high production values that Betsoft is known for, and combined them with innovative gameplay mechanics that allow you to summon queens from the shadows to appear on the reels. The artwork itself is the main star of the show, as you were clearly see from the screenshot of the game. The animations are also equally as well done, with potions and effects coming out of them, trinkets and volleyballs littering down as you win, and other nice touches that we are sure you will appreciate. Other than that, it is a fairly standard game, however. It is just a very well done one.

Slot Game Developer

This game is brought to you by Betsoft, and is one of their primary premium titles. It has the production values of their other great hits, with a new theme for you to enjoy. It also plays just as intricately as the rest of their catalog. There isn't anything about this game that isn't first grade. We think everybody of all different skill levels will enjoy it. The only people that probably won't like it are people that don't like the rest of their catalog, but we have never met somebody that didn't like a good Betsoft game!

Demo Play

This game starts off and the signature demo mode, which like as a free open Insta play version for anyone that happen to pass by the game. Once the game loads, you can get access to everything that it offers, the only thing missing being real world winnings. It's one of the best ways to learn how to play, as well as one of the best ways to play to figure out the bonus rounds. The different rounds here are more complicated than in other games, making it recommended to try it out first for free.


The theme of this game is fairies. This symbol has taken on its own culture within the drinking and drug realm, but this is the classic version of the idea. Little woodland creatures that look like little princesses with wings, flying around like butterflies in a magical woods. We're not sure how this all got started, may be people just being in chanted by butterflies, as they are pretty. Whatever the case, it is one of the best on versions around, even exceeding the production values of a Disney film.

Game Design

This game was designed with progressive jackpots in mind, with the number of lines being 20, and the coin sizes going all the way up to five dollars. The more you spend, the more chances you have at the jackpot. Alongside of that, there are intricate minigame like bonus rounds, which we will go further into later on. It's a title meant to keep you playing for a long period of time as you hope against hope to win the big jackpot across the top of the game!

Bonus Round

The bonus rounds here all number so many that they could be their own separate games. Most games feature one, but this has no less than four different rounds, with different features that almost change the way the game itself operates. The basic bonus rounds are the free spins feature, and the buy feature. The buy feature is a new one that lets you get additional things on the reels according to your choices. The other ones are the fairy spells jackpot, and the double up fairy magic feature. This allows anybody to get double their winnings with the various multipliers.

Play for Fun

A game like this is still worth it's weight in gold coins if you play it without real money. A different bonus rounds are games in and of themselves they could hold up in an arcade. Some of them are actually very similar to some you might find in newer our kids, although we're not sure people still go to those after the pandemic. It's a good way to also become familiar with how the game operates, because the rules can be dramatically different than what you may be used to.

Play for Real Money

Putting down real money unlocks the real fun of the game! After you have figured out how the bonus rounds work, you can put down more money with your various Deposit Bonuses and work towards the progressive jackpot. If you get the fairy spells jackpot, that is also one reason to get in on the fun. No matter the amount you bet, even if it's only $50, we are sure that you will get a decent return!

Mobile Play on Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad)

All those small screens on your phone can't be too cramped to enjoy all of the different intricacies of the graphics, they are still high resolution enough that you will appreciate them on any screen they grace. In particular, the iPhone and iPad were the target markets for this game. It runs no less compellingly on android operating system's, however. It also maintains a steady connection, and the animations are fluid and smooth even if your device is older. Anywhere you want to play and win big, this game can be there with you!