Charms and Clovers Slots

If you love leprechauns and don't think they're creepy, then this game will be your favorite. If you happen to be drinking on St. Patrick's Day, it's also a fan favorite. For a colorful, green, festive time with a lot of heart that is completely unique, it's hard to compete with this game. About the only thing we dislike is the fact that there aren't enough hours in the day to play more of it! For something that has production quality is as high as a film, and characters that could authentically be ripped from cinema, this game also pays you for your time. You can't beat that! Not even with a pot of gold.

About the Game

This game takes everything you loved about leprechaun culture and turns it into a slot. It's not the only game of its kind, but he is one among a very small catalog of titles that decided to take that on as their subject matter. It has 3-D rendered graphics that are beautifully done, along with a bright green color scheme that is authentically charming. Even the froth coming out of the mug looks like you can reach out and look at. Aside from the great production values, for again featuring a pot of gold, you would expect a large jackpot. This game will not disappoint you there, either! It's everything you would want from a game themed after the folklore.

Slot Game Developer

This is a game brought to you by the lovely folks at Betsoft. They are the leader and high production value games that never stop delivering. They also come to you with high jackpots, and great numbers of pay lines. This particular game shows off their innovation, having one more real than average. It also features 3-D graphics, being one of the few titles that tend to do that today. On top of all that, it has so many bonus features that you can get lost in them! For all that it offers, we are surprised you don't have to play just for the privilege of sitting down with it.

Demo Play

The demo of this game is a good way to become acquainted with the home number of bonus features to enjoy. It will also get you used to the betting mechanics across the large number of reels, and the high number of lines. Between these two elements, there is a lot going on here to take him. This makes a great argument to start off here, which instantly allows you to play without any money put down.


The theme here is the Irish mythological character of the leprechaun. The small trilogy of horror movies aside, these are usually cute cuddly characters that we do to riches. It is like they were made for the online gambling world! In addition to that, they work out some of the elements of Irish culture in general, such as beer, and all of our fine drinks. In addition to everything you will see from Irish culture, it is also a wonderful use of 3-D animation, being on the same level that you might see at a theater.

Game Design

The design of this game clearly took centerstage between the maximum bet paying $200 and the number of lines you can bet on being 40. With a high number of bonus features, this also makes things more interesting. Between all that, and are a few titles like it. You will not feel like you're playing the same game with a new coat of paint when you fire this one up. It also allows newcomers to dip their toes on the things with smaller betting amounts from the two cent coin sizes, all the way up to a dollar for each one. No matter your budget, you can play!

Bonus Round

There are a number of bonus rounds here, the main ones being the golden bonus feature, the pots of gold feature, the money will feature, and the mega symbol feature. These all act just as intricately as most mobile phone games, making it a task to keep up with it all. Despite that, however, it is fun to play, and reward you for spending a long time based on how some of the features work. The pots of gold feature, for example, is somewhat like a progressive jackpot. They all involve you wanting more money, so there's nothing to complain about!

Play for Fun

If you are overwhelmed by the sheer number of options the game provides, you can also play simply for fun. Doing so well allow you to get by without losing any money, although seeing how often the bonus features come up will make you want to put down your own money soon as you can! In addition to that, it will let you get a feel for how all of the innovative gameplay mechanics operate. They are not entirely self evident, so we recommend giving it a shot first to understand it.

Play for Real Money

Real money is the way to go if you would like to and act the Irish tradition of gambling, it being featured prominently in leprechaun lore. That is one of the reasons for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Coincidentally, the pot of gold in this game, one match, will give you so much for your bet that you may as well be finding a pot of gold in real life! Everything about it gets more fun when money is on the line.

Mobile Play on Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Because this game was made in 3-D graphic software, the resolutions are as high as they can be, looking great across any device. The vibrant colors make it visible even from a distance, and on smaller phone sizes.