ChilliPop Slots

Much like Mexican food, this game is an eclectic combination of different play styles, graphics, and colors. The way it all comes together is a spicy hit to the pallet, being different than almost any other game you've played in the genre. Even if you don't like Mexican themed things, however, you'll still love the large jackpots, the wonderful graphics, and the way that it plays. Whether you're playing for free or putting down real money, you're going to be very happy with what you get!

About the Game

This game is yet another new take on the genre from South of the border. It features mostly food, chilies to be exact. The style of the graphics is also spicy, focusing on the vibrant colors and the wonderful brown tones of the region. They sprinkled on good gameplay mechanics over the top, and left you were just enough bonus rounds to keep the flavor interesting. It is zesty from top to bottom, and feels fun and fresh compared to other games. The animation is also no joke!

Slot Game Developer

This game is brought to you by Betsoft, one of the leading providers of slots in the online gambling world. They are your go to game for production values the dazzle, gameplay the rivals consuls, and a sense of style on scene and other providers. They are somewhat like the Pixar or DreamWorks of gambling. Their slots also have innovative mechanics, not ones for simply being yet another slot with a new coat of paint. Combine that with their penchant for jackpots, and you have a winning formula from the most trusted name doing it!

Demo Play

This game starts off the moment you load it, it letting you play in demo mode for as long as you would like. Once demo mode has peaked your interest, you are always welcome to switch over to putting down real bets. You can even switch in and out of playing for money or not on the fly, then going back to the demo for some fun anytime you'd like. If you're on the web browser, you could even play it in demo mode at the same time as putting money down! Only using different tabs.


The theme is Mexican food, and the spicy variety at that. Little of Mexican food is not spicy, so we may as well just say Mexican food. It focuses on the spiciness of vegetables, mostly chilies, although there are some in there that we're pretty sure or something else. We also think the artist use bell peppers at a certain point, but we will not hold it against him. They look cute and funny, having their own little personality is like a DreamWorks film. The facial expressions move and flow as they go across the screen, making it come alive like a small film that you are interacting with. The background is also worked in, being a villa style town that looks a little more like the period from the old west.

Game Design

This game was made from the heart, putting everything into the bonus rounds, and playing for a long period of time. You can bet up to $45 for one spin, with a coin starting off at a penny and going up to a dollar. This happens across nine lines, which is far fewer than normal. This is because the game is cluster-based, however. You match things not just across, up, or down, but touching in any direction. It's somewhat like Puyo Puyo if you have ever played that. If you haven't, that reference won't make sense, but just know anything touching anything else works.

Bonus Round

There are two bonus rounds here, which are more than made up for by the cluster bass nature of the gameplay. The first is the double up game, which allows you to win twice as much at one time. There is also the freefall's feature, which keeps things going down the rails until you happen upon a match. This lets you get more chances to win with the cluster, and results in far more often winning than not.

Play for Fun

This game is cute and cuddly enough that we can see it being enjoyable just for the fun factor. Nothing about it can make you smile quite like the cute little faces on the chilies, but the gameplay itself is vibrant enough to hold your interest. Our favorite thing about the game is the fact that you can play without money, letting you enjoy it as if it were an arcade game. This will give you a way of understanding how the cluster feature works, because it is unique from many other online gambling games. Once you have mastered that, you can spin without worry because you know you have a higher chance of winning.

Play for Real Money

If you put down real money, then the game spices off even more! Because of the cluster feature, you have a much higher chance of winning, even if the winnings aren't necessarily going to be a jackpot every time. The double up game makes up for that, however, giving you a higher return even on normal winnings. We prefer that at times, because it lets you get more money more often, rather than a lot of money only if you play for days on end.

Mobile Play on Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad)

If you would like to enjoy this game on the go, or while eating your favorite Mexican food, they have made it more than capable of that as well. This game operates perfectly fine on any device, and with any mobile carrier. Even if you are traveling state lines and go down to Mexico yourself, we imagine the game will still hold up just fine, and play just as well on your phone!