Sugar Pop Slots

This game wise somewhere between Candyland and bejeweled. The graphics of the game itself are more along the lines of bejeweled, but the general theme, backgrounds, and the way that it plays are more similar to Candyland. No matter which game you preferred most, the combination is great, and the innovative gameplay mechanics, such as the bonus patterns, make everything feel like an actual game. Our only criticism of the game is that the colors are so bright and saturated that they almost can hurt your eyes if you are sensitive to light! For everyone else, you'll probably love it.

About the Game

This game is a sugar rush in many ways. The way it all looks is kind of a blast of candy to your eyes, the way that it plays a sub bowl of jolly ranchers for your mind, and the amount of money you when is a nice cola for your wallet. Everything about it is vibrant and over the top. It even has different levels of play, that progress as you go. They used Candyland as inspiration for some of the backgrounds, but the game itself does proceed in stages and phases, much like a boardgame or other similar title. I'll top of that, the game looks like it was rendered by Willy Wonka.

Slot Game Developer

This game is another hit brought to you by the folks at Betsoft. They are the go to name for great graphics and high production values. The amount of work they put into the game shows, from the intricate where the gameplay mechanics and bonus rounds work, to the way the graphics all flow and animate on the board itself. It feels more substantial than games of a similar genre, there being quite a few candy themed games around. It will wow you all around like the rest of their catalog!

Demo Play

We recommend starting off in the instant play mode because of how differently the game plays from other titles. It goes in stages, for example, starting out level one. There are also bonus patterns to be had, and the general bonus features that layer on top of that. When you put all those together, it is not as simple as kicking back and turning your brain off. It is a title that you will want to keep your head and wits about you while playing, because it will factor into what you bet on, and how high or low you're betting. Once you understand it, you can take it from there!


This game is all about candy, sweets, and sugary things that cause diabetes. We have never seen a game quite like this one whose background is quite literally fields of sugar. It is among the candy genre sitting right at the top. Although other titles mix and different varieties of candies, such as chocolates, this one is entirely about sugar, much like it's name implies. It is also boardgame themed because of the inspirations they drew from, but for copyright purposes they obviously wouldn't admit to, but are clearly Candyland.

Game Design

This game allows you to be out across all lines. That alone sets it apart from the rest. When you throw on the super color feature, and the color bomb feature, you get even more complicated. This makes the maximum bet almost anything you would like. You also have different bonus patterns that if match, ask him out like a jackpot. Putting it all together, and it's a complex affair! It's a welcome and refreshing trait in the genre because most games themed with candy go back to the days of cherries and lemons, which only allow for a single bet on only three reels.

Bonus Round

The bonus rounds here are the super color feature, and the color bomb feature. We would also consider the bonus patterns to be an ongoing bonus feature, as well as the levels and stages that the game progresses through. All of them have the same rules, requiring you to match things to get additional winnings, or increasing your chances of winning based on the choices that you make during the bonus round. The animations here are slick, and feel like they were made with genuine enthusiasm.

Play for Fun

Playing for fun is the best way to start off to understand how the game operates. There is more complexity here than meets the eye, particularly considering most games with candy as a theme are fairly childlike. Not the children should be gambling online! Once you get a custom to the game through the demo mode that instantly starts as the game does, you will be able to bet with abandon on the infinite number of lines from there. This will also allow you to understand how the bonus pattern feature works.

Play for Real Money

Real money will cause it to rain money if you bet across all the different lines! If you get the color bomb feature while making a particularly large bet, you will win so much money you can probably buy a candy factory of your own. Although demo mode is advised to start with, any scenario involving real money will make the game far more interesting. Using your deposit bonuses, you can get free money just for trying!

Mobile Play on Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Because of how saturated the colors are, and the high resolution the graphics, the game will pop out at you from any size screen. I'll top of that, it is hard not to notice the intricate animations playing out in higher fidelity and increased frame rates. Everything here looks great no matter your operating system, and will play without a single bug going on. We loved it on our phone, and you can take it to a candy store to play in real life as well!