Safari Sam Slots

This game is somewhat out there and weird, and we don't entirely understand most of it. What we do understand, however, is that it looks great, and you win frequently. Taking as it's theme the time of tradition of riding around Africa and imperializing the wildlife, this is a quirky three dimensional take on the genre with high-quality graphics, and well done character designs. It was like a cartoon and 3-D form, made to gamble on, and features real Animations that will dazzle you you. If you don't like the act of hunting, you probably won't like this game, but for everyone else, it is a hit!

About the Game

This game features characters designs so well they can be in films, a tried and true trope to base it all around, and gameplay mechanics that are serviceable enough to keep it interesting. If you like the color brown, you will also love this one, as they seem to use that with abandon throughout all of the different designs! It's a well-made game with a lot to offer, nice gameplay mechanics, and comes from a trusted provider.

Slot Game Developer

Betsoft is known around the world as they go to a provider for 3-D animation and intricate gameplay mechanics. They are so well known for this the other companies have stolen many of their mechanics for their own titles. Most of the popular and innovative gameplay you have seen and other games actually comes from this company, as do many of the themes, and the use of 3-D graphics. They are still the best at what they do, however, despite the large number of imitators out there!

Demo Play

There is more to this game than initially meets the eye, which is why we recommend starting off learning the ropes through the demo. From the mini bonus rounds to the differing way the betting works, you would be well served to brush up on it before putting down your harder in cash if you didn't understand it. None of them are hard enough that they're hard to understand, but they aren't immediately obvious. It's also fun to see a game in action, which you can enjoy it longer if you take the time to get a custom to it for free.


For those that are unaware, in this title, you go on a safari, meeting the local wildlife, as well as some of the local culture. Safaris in general are a tradition where Europeans go around Africa and a jeep shooting at tigers, giraffes, and other things on the brink of extinction. We don't mind hunting, but we did always find going on safari to be a hilarious thing to make a slot machine game out of considering the current cultural climate around the world. It still comes off as fun and cute and cuddly, however. It's also very brown, working its way in to pretty much every single piece of imagery on the board.

Game Design

This game is designed somewhat like a digital roller coaster with the different bonus rounds coming up like ups and downs on a track. The maximum bet is higher than normal, coming out at around $150 bet on a single spin. This is down across 30 different lines, and the usual number of reels. Because the game is from an innovative provider, you can also buy a higher than average number of coins on every single line, letting the maximum amount you combat go up as high as your wallet is comfortable with.

Bonus Round

The bonus rounds here are the wild adventure bonus round, the wild animal free spins game, the double up feature, and the stack collapse feature. All of these act as attractions in and of themselves, and would be perfectly worthy of holding your attention on its own without the need for any additional shenanigans on the game. When they come out, you will have to be given choices, or have your wins doubled, triple, or the nature of the imagery change on the reels. No matter what happens, you usually end up with more money! The free spins feature obviously gives you just that.

Play for Fun

This is a cute title to play for fun because you can enjoy the graphics without any of the existential overhead of losing money. It also gives you a chance to figure out whether or not you like the game before taking a risk on it. We always start off and this mode whenever we try a new title, this one being no exception. The animations alone are worth looking at, and you'll probably end up sending it to your friends to try because they don't have to lose money to see them.

Play for Real Money

If you've got the cash, you can also put it at risk here, and the duly rewarded for your risk. Everything comes in with a fairly high return, and the bonus rounds, but often enough that your winnings will soar in short order. On top of that, putting down real money keeps everything more interesting. It is one of the best games to play for the bonus rounds, and those don't activate without putting down real money if you would like to get winnings out of them!

Mobile Play on Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Mobile modes of play are supported, with every phone on the market, as well as every tablet, looking just as lovely. We haven't tried advised that this game couldn't master, and were equally addicted across all platforms. If you're on safari, and play this game, we imagine the developers will give you some free money if you happen to be able to prove it to them! Although there probably isn't any Internet connection out there.